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About Signs of Spirit

In 2005, we began to write first-person true stories about our experiences as spiritual beings.

We called the collection “Signs of Spirit” because they indicate the presence of spirit in the same way breathing and pulse indicate “signs of life.”

Eventually 100 of these stories were published as an anthology. Here is an exceprt from the original Introduction:

For a long time we have been wanting to communicate about being the spirits we are, living here in our earthly bodies. Being two people who are aware and able as spiritual beings, we want to live in a world where spiritual awareness and abilities can be openly acknowledged, admired, and used as part of everyday life.

We see signs of spirit all around, every day. To us, the spirit is that which is good in everyone. It is that which feels and expresses love, kindness, and caring. It is the source of creativity, art, and beauty. It is that which restores health and renews life. It is our intuition that can know things beyond physical facts. It is that which is powerful, strong, and able to move mountains in order to do good in the world and the courage to reach out and set things aright. It is who we really are.

Our understanding and observation is that we are all spirits who have minds and bodies, not bodies or minds that have spirits. This gives us a completely different viewpoint about life.

In the summer of 2005, Debra started writing little stories about her own experience as a being of spirit. At first, they weren’t very good. But as she kept at it, the stories got better and better. She began to read them to friends, who loved them. Finally, her long-time friend Sara suggested she publish her stories along with stories of spiritual experiences written by others.

And so, the very next Sunday, Debra started publishing Signs of Spirit as a free weekly email newsletter.

Then we noticed an interesting thing. The more Debra wrote stories acknowledging her own spirit awareness and ability, the more her spirit awareness and ability expanded! And she became more willing and able to communicate about spirit to others.

Then she asked her husband Larry to write a story, and one morning he did. The whole rest of the day he was very creative and productive, so significantly so that Debra asked him what was going on. He said, “Starting my day writing that story about my spirit abilities really made a difference in how I approached the whole day.” Then the doorbell rang and a man asked if he could buy an old Volkswagen that we had sitting on the driveway. Larry had been intending to sell the car, but had not advertised it at all–not even a sign in the window.

It’s clear that there is something important about   acknowledging and admiring spirit awareness and ability–both in ourselves and others–that increases spirit awareness and ability. Debra started the Signs of Spirit newsletter and website to be places where spirits can share their stories about what life is like when spirit awareness and abilities are used, and to express spirit viewpoints. As Larry began to write stories too, we started to edit the newsletter together. Doing this project together as a couple is a wonderful way for us to communicate about spirit between ourselves and with others.

Our intent is for these stories to both increase our own spirit awareness and abilities and to inspire others to reach for their own spirit awareness and abilities as well. As spirits, we know that what we put our attention on increases in the world. And so, we are putting our attention on communicating about spirit.