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We are not humans having a spiritual experience—
we are spirits having a spiritual experience
while wearing the guise of humans.

—Debra & Larry Redalia





We are Debra and Larry Redalia, lifepartners and soulmates.

When we met in 1987, we were each looking for a partner in life with whom we could continue our individual spiritual journeys. And we found that in each other. Indeed, the basis of our entire relationship has been to enhance our own personal spiritual understanding and ability by walking our individual spirit paths together.

I, Debra, became aware I was a spiritual being when my body was only six years old. I was given an ancient eastern process that resulted in immediate awareness that I was not my body and not my mind, but that I was something beyond these. But that was all I knew. And I spent much of my life not fitting in to our modern industrial-consumer world where this basic fact that we are inherently spiritual beings is not widely known. But having this awareness at an early age made me curious and put me on a path in life that has been different from most human beings alive today.

I, Larry, became aware I was a spiritual being when I was 15 years old. I was taking a woodshop class in High School where we practiced making particular things out of wood. A wooden bowl, a toolbox and a small wooden sailboat were some of the things I made. While working on the sailboat I began to recall various things that had happened to me while I was a crewmember of a whaling boat about 150 years ago. I recalled them with clarity and certainty, right down to the stench of this boat after months of killing and boiling the oil out of the whale blubber. I also recalled the beauty of the open ocean after a tropical squall when the sun came out to warm and dry the ship and its sails and ropes. I could see the steam rising off the coiled ropes. Since I was only 15 years old there was no way I could recall these things, if I were a body. Clearly I was not my body. Then, I began to explore what I was…

In 2005 our lives took a dramatic turn for the better after we asked ourselves a simple question:

If we are beings of spirit, what IS spirit?

Asking and answering that simple question led us to find more answers from experience than we ever found in books or existing spiritual practices.

Once we began to observe the characteristics of spirit and practice them in our own lives, everything about life began to make sense. So we want to share what we know with the you.

This is what we know to be true. We do not believe this. We certain this to be true from observation and experience and consistency of application and results.

We warn you, what you are about to read may be very different from what you know. But this is what is true for us, as a result of repeated application and observation with consistent results. It is not just our opinion. It is our experience.

This is not about religion, but a state of awareness of our own being and a practice of our own native abilities.


Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows.