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Our Spirit Viewpoint

A New Understanding of What We Could Be
as Spiritual Beings


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In 2005, we began a research project that asked a simple question:

If we are beings of spirit, what IS spirit?

We were already aware that we were something beyond body and mind, but what exactly is that and how do we go about being it?

Asking and answering that simple question led us to find more answers from experience than we ever found in books or existing spiritual practices. And the changes in our lives individually and as a couple were dramatic.

Once we began to observe the characteristics of spirit and practice them in our own lives, everything about life began to make sense. Spirit actually is

  • that which makes our bodies alive and maintains the health of our bodies
  • that which makes us want to take the right actions to sustain life on Earth
  • that which gives us our feelings of love and connection and leads us to act in co-operation
  • that which gives us intelligence and creativity

and about a hundred more useful things we all can use right now to improve our lives.

And yet, the benefits of spiritual awareness and our inherent spiritual abilities are largely unknown in our industrial world, which is based on a set of assumptions that don't acknowledge even the existence of spirit at all. The field of biology, for example, is the study of "living things" but it studies only the physical aspects and not the very thing that makes all the living things alive!

Having discovered for ourselves how practical and pleasurable it is to be aware as spirits and use our spirit abilities in daily life—and how easy it is to become aware of and develop our spirit abilities—we want to share what we know with the world. We are certain this is the missing piece that will help individuals lead better lives and make the world a better place.

Here are some chapters from this easy-to-read 29-page book. It takes less than an hour to read, but gives a broad overview of what we could be as spiritual beings.

  • The Basics of Being Human: Spirit, Mind and Body
  • Hiding in Plain Sight
  • What is Spirit?
  • What It's Like to Be Aware and Able as a Spirit
  • Spirit Viewpoint
  • Spirit Language
  • The Functions of Spirit, Mind, and Body
  • Self-Determination
  • Signs of Spirit
  • Being Your Unique Authentic Self
  • Spirit of Life
  • The Ladder of Consciousness
  • The Journey
  • Universal Declaration of Spirit Rights
  • Everything Starts With Spirit

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