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New York Governor Cuomo Calls for “Spiritual Connection” During Covid-19 Pandemic

This morning we were watching a press conference by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo about the the coronavirus outbreak. 

At the end of his prepared message [29.52] he said:

The goal for me…
“Socially distanced, but spiritually connected”
How do you achieve socially distanced but spiritually connected?
I don’t have the answer. But I know the question.

Here is our response to Governor Cuomo’s question, which we sent to him today…

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Looking for a Gender Transcendent Pronoun for Spirit

Larry and I have been running into a problem as we write about being spirits in English.

The other day we stopped ourselves and just got stuck when we realized we had written: “arrive in the future he or she had created.”

Well, no. A spirit is neither a he or a she because spirit has no gender. Bodies have gender, but spirit has no gender.

We said to each other “We need a gender-neutral pronoun.”

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Isn’t Everything Spirit?

Question from Jeana

I’m confused. Isn’t everything Spirit?

Debra’s Answer

This is a really good question. I used to wonder that too.

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, spirit is at the core of every life-form, that is everything that is alive. It’s not at the core of inanimate objects that do not have basic life functions. A brick, for example, does not have spirit at it’s core, but a butterfly does.

Yes, also, spirit is at the core of every human being, but not everything every human being does comes from spirit.

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