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This Q&A is open for all to participate. We know there is a lot of confusion in the world on the subject of spirit and we'd like to help you sort out what's true from what isn't.

If you have a question of general interest please post it here.

If you have a question that is specific to your personal life, contact us for a phone or email consultation.

You may also leave questions and comments on individual posts in Q&A, and Signs of Spirit.

If you are reading a blog post and have a question regarding that specific blog post, please post that question in the comments area of that post.

Feel free to ask your own questions about spirit and answer questions posted by others.

This Q&A is a space for anyone to originate a question and get an answer.

How to Post a Question

Click on the SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION button at the top of this column and use the Submit Your Question form that comes up.

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At the bottom of every post, there is a Submit Your Comment section. Just type your comment in the box and click the "Send Comment" button. You will be notified by email when your comment is posted and when another reader comments on your comment.


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