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Isn’t Everything Spirit?

Question from Jeana

I’m confused. Isn’t everything Spirit?

Debra’s Answer

This is a really good question. I used to wonder that too.

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, spirit is at the core of every life-form, that is everything that is alive. It’s not at the core of inanimate objects that do not have basic life functions. A brick, for example, does not have spirit at it’s core, but a butterfly does.

Yes, also, spirit is at the core of every human being, but not everything every human being does comes from spirit.

I know I am me, a spirit.

I am NOT my mind and I am NOT my body.

I used to think “being myself” included everything “good” about me and everything “bad.” And so “being myself” meant being all these things. So when I wanted someone to “accept me” and “allow me to be myself” then it meant accepting the bitter with the sweet so to speak and allowing my bad to continue to exist.

But then I began to see that the real “I” is the spirit only and not the mind or the body. I found that I could remove “bad” behaviors that did produce outcomes I wanted and I was still “good me.” Good aspects of ourselves seem to be enduring and eternal, while the bad aspects can be removed and we are still ourselves, and even more so.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to “be yourself” and likewise one of the important things we can do for others is to allow them to be themselves. This can be difficult when they are different than we are. This is known as “tolerance.”

But do we have to tolerate everything about another person?

There are some behaviors that are not tolerated in our society, such as theft, dishonesty, murder, domestic violence. As a society we do not accept those things and we shouldn’t because they do not support life.

But we should grant acceptance to things that are not harmful such as race, gender, age, and other such things that are arbitrarily discriminated against still in some places in our society.

Larry and I have an agreement to accept only the good in each other and not allow—between each other—the existence of behaviors that do not originate from spirit. We know the difference and can tell when we are acting from spirit and when we are not. For me, that’s the greatest gift, for Larry to hold me to being my highest self, and continue to support me in peeling away anything that is not that.

For us, to be ourselves is to be spirit. And that’s why we’re here, to acknowledge each and every one who reads this their own existence as the spirits they are and could be.

But there’s more…

Spirit also applies to all life-forms.

The field of biology, which studies living things, has identified certain characteristics that make things “living.”

  1. An enormously complex organization that is highly ordered.
  2. The ability to take in energy in the form of “food” and transform it into metabloic processes.
  3. The ability to grow, develop, repair and rebuild.
  4. The ability to reproduce.
  5. The ability to respond to stimuli, such as initiating a healing response when injured.
  6. The ability to adapt and respond to changes in the environment.

It is Spirit that brings these characteristics of aliveness to living organisms of all life-forms, just as it brings aliveness to Homo sapiens. Yet the field of biology does not recognize this at all in standard texts.

I would even go so far as to say that any organization of matter is the result of Spirit bringing order, even if it does not have all the characteristics of Life. All of the elements of the Periodic Table, for example, combine together beautifully to make every life-form/ This is underlying intelligence, not an accident. There is a grand design, and Spirit is behind it all.

But that doesn’t mean “everything is spirit.” There is matter, which includes matter, energy, space and time, all of which are not spirit, but are materials which spirit acts upon to create life-forms and systems.

So while I would say spirit is at the heart of everything, it is separate and disticnct from the matter-energy-space-time of the physical universe.



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