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Signs of Spirit

Signs of Spirit

Debra & Larry Redalia in 2005, when they started researching and writing about signs of spirit.

In 2005, we became aware that even though spirit is invisible to the eye, it’s characteristics can be observed in ourselves and others.

Signs of Spirit are evidence of the existence of the unseen spirit. They are characteristics that can be observed in ourselves and others. Once known and recognized as coming from spirit, we can choose to activate and cultivate them in ourselves, thus living as spirits in daily life.

We call these characteristics “signs of spirit” because they demonstrate the presence of spirit, just as a heartbeat and breathing our “signs of life” for the body.

We have been writing first-person short stories about our experiences observiing signs of spirit in ourselves and others and also about how we intentionally use these spirit abiities in our daily lives.

Our intent in sharing these stories is to make it more kown in the world that spirit exists and exists in each and every human being in addition to all of Life. Perhaps our stories will inspire you to find these signs of spirit in yourself and others.



Awareness is 
1. perception of existance 
2. perception of existance (of something)

Signs of Spirit Stories about Awareness

I Am Continuous

As I write this it is mid-February. At this time of year here in Northern California we have what I call “intermittent weather.” I think I got this from an actual weather term “intermittent rain” which means the rain stops and starts repeatedly as opposed to a storm that starts and then stops. The word intermittent means in general simply stopping and starting at irregular intervals.

Anyway, we are in the midst of having intermittent weather, which is one day spring and the next day winter, as the seasons change from one to the next.

And that led me to write a post for our Lifely website on The Nature of Progress, noting that progress in any endeavor is intermittent like the progress of the changing seasons is intermittent.

Later that day I noticed that as I work on my websites, progress is intermittent. Some days things are easy and I work happily, other days are more difficult, with delays and problems.

Yesterday was a difficult day.

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WalMart’s New Ad Campaign Sees A Spark in Every Customer

Larry and I were watching television the other night when suddenly a commercial for WalMart came on.

Usually we don’t watch the commercials, we just put the TV on mute until the show starts again, but Larry left the room for a moment and I forgot to click the mute button.

Suddenly I hear these words…

When we see you enter through our doors
We don’t see who you are against or for
whether tomorrow will be light or dark
What we see in you is a spark.

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Signs of Spirit

We created The Signs of Spirit Project to identify and define the signs of spirit we can observe and to establish a nomenclature for the subject of spirit, written from a spirit viewpoint. We’re finding that some signs of spirit do not yet have English words and we are having to create some words to use in our writing.

Feel free to comment on and ask questions about these words and their definitions.

Explore Your Spirit Abilities Here

Click on the links below to learn more about each of the signs of spirit listed. You’ll find descriptions of each and links to stories that demonstrate each. We’ll be adding to this list weekly. Sign up for our newsletter (above) to be notified.

Signs of Spirit
Mentioned in Stories

Debra & Larry in 2005

DEBRA & LARRY REDALIA found each other as soulmates in 1987. Though they each were already aware they were spiritual beings when they met, their spiritual journey really began when they started helping each other discover the characteristics of spirit and put them into practice in daily life. Since 2005, Debra and Larry have been writing Signs of Spirit stories—first person accounts of their true life adventures as spiritual belings. The are co-founders of Spirits Bright and The Signs of Spirit Project.

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