Early summer of 1968. School was out for the year, so my time was now my own. I was fourteen years old and endless days of summer stretched before me.

I was riding my bicycle to Lake Nicasio, about twelve miles from my home, to enjoy a long day of fishing.

It was still early morning and there was very little traffic on the two-lane country road. The road there is wide and the weather was clear and dry.

I was riding my bike in the middle of the lane. The speed limit there was 50 miles per hour. I was going about fifteen miles per hour. I was bored and looking forward to catching some fish.

I heard a car approaching behind me. He honked, loudly. To me this meant “Get out of my way!” I moved over into the other lane to allow him to continue to drive in that lane. This created a problem as he had also moved his big car into the other lane to pass me.

His car was still going about 50 miles per hour when he sideswiped my bicycle.

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