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Signs of Spirit

Signs of Spirit

Debra & Larry Redalia in 2005, when they started researching and writing about signs of spirit.

In 2005, we became aware that even though spirit is invisible to the eye, it’s characteristics can be observed in ourselves and others.

Signs of Spirit are evidence of the existence of the unseen spirit. They are characteristics that can be observed in ourselves and others. Once known and recognized as coming from spirit, we can choose to activate and cultivate them in ourselves, thus living as spirits in daily life.

We call these characteristics “signs of spirit” because they demonstrate the presence of spirit, just as a heartbeat and breathing our “signs of life” for the body.

We have been writing first-person short stories about our experiences observiing signs of spirit in ourselves and others and also about how we intentionally use these spirit abiities in our daily lives.

Our intent in sharing these stories is to make it more kown in the world that spirit exists and exists in each and every human being in addition to all of Life. Perhaps our stories will inspire you to find these signs of spirit in yourself and others.


Meeting Lulu

by Debra Redalia

It had been too hot for three days and my body was drooping so I asked Larry to drive me to the beach.

Even as we drove the air began to be cooler. When we arrived at Larry’s favorite beach, we just sat in the car with both doors open, inhaling the coolness and the oxygen and all the other elements that make sea air so alive.

We also talked and reconnected after three days of a lot of chaos in our household and our personal lives, which had also begun to calm down that day.

We decided to go to our usual Mexican restaurant for dinner, a family-owned local spot where the food is made just as it is made at home.

We were slowed in arriving by having to stop and wait for road repair work on winding two-lane Highway 1.

Then when we arrived there was a line waiting to be seated. We have eaten in this restaurant more than a dozen times and there has never been a line.

I am telling you all this because these are all the events that happened which led to Larry and I standing in line in this particular spot at this particular minute.

And as we were standing there, just waiting, Lulu arrived.

Even though we were facing the opposite direction, it didn’t even take a minute for us to turn around and see this adorable baby in her mother’s arms.

Right away she engaged with us. She looked directly at me. I said, “Hello” and she smiled.

I touched her bare arm and said, “What’s your name?” She said, “Lulu.” She didn’t speak clearly but clearly enough that I could understand. Actually it was more like I knew what she was saying, more than I could make out the words. She was letting me touch her body without any resistance.

Unsure of her reply, I said, “Lulu?” And she nodded and said yes.

I put my hand on my heart and said, “Debra. My name is Debra.” She looked at me and slowly said, “De-bra,” like it was a new word she had never spoken before and wanted to remember.

And then she said, “It’s very nice to meet you.” I heard this very clearly and distinctly.

Then Larry extended his hand to her and she took it and he said, “My name i Larry.”

And Lulu said, “Hi!”

I was just about to ask her how old she was and her mother said, “She just turned two yesterday.”

I thought this level of language skill was pretty remarkable for a two-year-old. But then I had to smile. Her body may be only two years old, but as an eternal ageless spiritual being she was oh so present!

She was so bright and curious! She wanted to know what everything was and what it was called. She repeated each new word as if she were tasting it for the first time.

We chatted with Lulu’s mother. She had never been to this restaurant before and had only recently moved here from another town about 100 miles away.

She went off, taking Lulu with her, to see if she could order takeout since there was a line for a table. And then a small table near the register opened up and she and Lulu sat there. Meanwhile Larry and I got a table by the window that was in sight of Lulu’s table.

I kept looking at Lulu and she continuously looked at us. I was just so strongly attracted to her, which was unusual for me. I thought, “What are they doing sitting over there? Lulu should be sitting here with us!” And within minutes she jumped out of her chair and toddled over to our table and climbed up into the empty chair next to Larry. Her mother came and got her of course, but I would have been perfectly happy to have her sit there as long as she wanted.

Soon Lulu and her mother got up and left, but when they reached the front door Lulu turned and waved to us. We could quite clearly hear her say our names.

Larry and I do not have children and I am not often around children or babies, but all of a sudden I wanted Lulu. I didn’t just want “a baby,” I wanted Lulu. I could see Larry and I and Lulu having a very happy life together. I asked Larry if he missed not having children and he said sometimes. I had the thought that maybe there is a child that is the child we are supposed to have in this lifetime and that child will just appear. It was pretty amazing that we wanted this after all these years without children. We had never discussed children one way or another except to agree to have it and keep it if it occurred, but it never did.

Driving home we talked about doing our spirit work with children as well as adults and it became clear it was important to do that. How different the world would be if children grew up learning their spirit abilities from childhood and living from a spirit viewpoint!

It was clear that Larry-and-I and Lulu had come to that very spot at that very time to meet each other. She did not interact with anyone else in the restaurant. Only us. Perhaps she recognized us as people who were like her. Perhaps we will meet again. Or perhaps she just came to awaken the idea within us to do our spirit work with children too.

It was certainly a demonstration of spirit being present and active regardless of age. Children often demonstrate more awareness and ability naturally when they are young until it is trained out of them. Our wish for Lulu is for her to continue to be as bright and wondrous as she is, and grow increasingly in her awareness and ability from where she is now.

Thanks for coming to visit us Lulu!

Signs of Spirit

We created The Signs of Spirit Project to identify and define the signs of spirit we can observe and to establish a nomenclature for the subject of spirit, written from a spirit viewpoint. We’re finding that some signs of spirit do not yet have English words and we are having to create some words to use in our writing.

Feel free to comment on and ask questions about these words and their definitions.

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Click on the links below to learn more about each of the signs of spirit listed. You’ll find descriptions of each and links to stories that demonstrate each. We’ll be adding to this list weekly. Sign up for our newsletter (above) to be notified.

Signs of Spirit
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DEBRA REDALIA, Co-Founder of Spirits Bright, became aware she was a spiritual being when her body was six years old, but didn't learn much about what that meant until she met soulmate Larry Redalia twenty-six years later. Together they have helped each other discover the characteristics of spirit and put them into practice in daily life. Since 2005, Debra and Larry have been writing Signs of Spirit stories—first person accounts of their true life adventures as spiritual belings. The are co-founders of Spirits Bright and The Signs of Spirit Project.
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