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Signs of Spirit

Signs of Spirit

Debra & Larry Redalia in 2005, when they started researching and writing about signs of spirit.

In 2005, we became aware that even though spirit is invisible to the eye, it’s characteristics can be observed in ourselves and others.

Signs of Spirit are evidence of the existence of the unseen spirit. They are characteristics that can be observed in ourselves and others. Once known and recognized as coming from spirit, we can choose to activate and cultivate them in ourselves, thus living as spirits in daily life.

We call these characteristics “signs of spirit” because they demonstrate the presence of spirit, just as a heartbeat and breathing our “signs of life” for the body.

We have been writing first-person short stories about our experiences observiing signs of spirit in ourselves and others and also about how we intentionally use these spirit abiities in our daily lives.

Our intent in sharing these stories is to make it more kown in the world that spirit exists and exists in each and every human being in addition to all of Life. Perhaps our stories will inspire you to find these signs of spirit in yourself and others.


Spirit Didn’t Allow This Dishonest Purchase to Go Through

by Debra Redalia

Last weekend Larry and I were watching television and a commercial came on for magnifying eyeglasses with lights on them. We both wanted a pair immediately and discussed how they would be useful to us.

Larry agreed to split the cost and they had a special price if you bought two, so I ordered two pairs.

The advertised price on the television commercial and on the website was $19.95 for two, plus shipping, plus an additional fee for the second pair.

So I ordered, thinking it would be $19.95 for two, plus 6.99 shipping plus $6.99 for the second pair shipping. That would be about $32.00.

But when the reciept appeared, it was

Almost twice as much as I expected.

I tried to use the back button on the browser to get a phone number or email to stop the order but the back button wouldn’t go back to the previous page, where I had noticed a phone number.

So I called customer service for my credit card. The charge hadn’t come through yet.

I kept calling and calling every day and the charge hadn’t gone through. And then I started checking online every day. As of this writing, the charge still has not gone through.


Once I decided I didn’t want the order to go through, it didn’t!

I’ve never had an online order not show up on my credit card like this.

But i intented it to stop the order, and so it did.


A week later we were standing in line at the checkout and there was a shelf with all kinds of impulse buy products for customers to look at (and buy) while they were waiting in line. I looked up and there were the very glasses I had wanted from the TV ad, for which my online order hadn't gone through. They were the same advertised price—$19.95—but of course, there was no shipping. So I saved $6.99. We brought them home and decided to keep them because they really were something we wanted and needed. We got what we intended after all under better circumstances.

Signs of Spirit

We created The Signs of Spirit Project to identify and define the signs of spirit we can observe and to establish a nomenclature for the subject of spirit, written from a spirit viewpoint. We’re finding that some signs of spirit do not yet have English words and we are having to create some words to use in our writing.

Feel free to comment on and ask questions about these words and their definitions.

Explore Your Spirit Abilities Here

Click on the links below to learn more about each of the signs of spirit listed. You’ll find descriptions of each and links to stories that demonstrate each. We’ll be adding to this list weekly. Sign up for our newsletter (above) to be notified.

Signs of Spirit
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DEBRA REDALIA, Co-Founder of Spirits Bright, became aware she was a spiritual being when her body was six years old, but didn't learn much about what that meant until she met soulmate Larry Redalia twenty-six years later. Together they have helped each other discover the characteristics of spirit and put them into practice in daily life. Since 2005, Debra and Larry have been writing Signs of Spirit stories—first person accounts of their true life adventures as spiritual belings. The are co-founders of Spirits Bright and The Signs of Spirit Project.
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