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Spirit is the basis of all life—from our human lives to life-as-a-whole.

Yet in our industrial-consumer world, there is very little awareness of the existence of spirit and even less knowledge of its functions in the ongoing creation and maintenance of life.

My intent for The Daily Spirit is to have a place to explore and communicate about the nature of spirit with a result of creating a world where the living functions of spirit are acknowledged, understood, honored, respected and used by everyone as a natural and normal function of everyday life.

Please feel free to comment on, question, and discuss anything you read here. Please communicate.


We have observed for ourselves that we are each an expression of one Whole Spirit, and as such we each have a right and responsibility to be self-determined about every aspect of our lives. It is about being the spirit that is our birthright and using our abilities for good in the world.

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Thursday, 23 July 2020

Illness and Injury as a Spiritual Retreat

It’s been a while since I thought of this, but many years ago I realized that illness is a form of spiritual retreat. It is an opportunity for us to take a break from everyday life and spend time alone and separate from our responsibilities in life, and just be able to rest, recuperate, and have time with our own thoughts, feelings, and spiritual awareness.

My body no longer gets sick with common colds and flu, but I am now seeing that injury of certain types can have the same benefit. When I fell and shattered my kneecap the result has been a need to keep my left leg straight in a leg brace. So far that means I have to lie in bed most of the time because we haven’t yet worked out how I can move about without Larry’s help. While Larry is always willing to help, moving around is difficult at the moment.

I have my little laptop so I can type and look up things online, and I have a pad of paper and pen by my bedside so I can scribble notes, but mostly I am just lying in bed, napping off and on and letting whatever comes to my awareness come.

These downtimes usually come after times when I have been very active out in the world or when I’ve made a lot of changes in a short period of time.

I am already experiencing deep insights that I would not have otherwise experienced now if my attention was elsewhere.

I have time to just be quiet and allow insight to come into my awareness.

I have time to read.

I have time to have deep discussions with Larry on the nature of life.

I have time to just be aware of myself as a spiritual being, without thinking or doing.

I have time to repair and rejuvenate.

I know I’ve created my current circumstances for the highest good for myself and the world, so even though my body is broken at the moment, all is well.

Debra Redalia

DEBRA REDALIA became aware she was a spiritual being when her body was only six years old but didn't learn much about what that meant until she met soulmate Larry Redalia twenty-six years later. Together they have helped each other discover the characteristics of spirit and put them into practice in daily life. They are co-founders of Spirits Bright and the upcoming Signs of Spirit Project.


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