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Spirit is the basis of all life—from our human lives to life-as-a-whole.

Yet in our industrial-consumer world, there is very little awareness of the existence of spirit and even less knowledge of its functions in the ongoing creation and maintenance of life.

My intent for The Daily Spirit is to have a place to explore and communicate about the nature of spirit with a result of creating a world where the living functions of spirit are acknowledged, understood, honored, respected and used by everyone as a natural and normal function of everyday life.

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We have observed for ourselves that we are each an expression of one Whole Spirit, and as such we each have a right and responsibility to be self-determined about every aspect of our lives. It is about being the spirit that is our birthright and using our abilities for good in the world.

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Monday, 27 July 2020

My Spiritual Awakening When My Body Was Six Years Old

When my body was six years old, two life-changing events occurred.

First, my mother’s piano teacher left her body and my mother inherited her vast library of classical music. I had some experience with a piano at my grandmother’s house, where my mother’s old upright still sat in the living room. When we would go visit, my mother would take a small pile of music out of the piano bench and play. As soon as I learned the alphabet at age four, I was also taught the piano keys. I remember my mother telling me that when I first sat at the piano I didn’t bang on it as children usually do, but instead I gently placed my hands on the keyboard in perfect position.

Since we now had so much music, my father bought my mother a piano. A big, black grand piano. I wanted to play it right away. And so my mother began to teach me to read music and within months I was reading and playing Bach, and Mozart sonatas. And when my mother would play the piano I would sit next to her and we would play duets together and sing Christmas carols. I loved classical music, from the very first moment the piano came into our house.

Many years later I became aware that music is a very direct physical expression of spirit. Even as a child, one of the first things I was trained to do was play in the spirit realm by turning music notation on a page into the harmonious sounds of the most spiritual music of all time.

* * *

Also when my body was six-years-old, my parents decided that I should have a religion. Neither of them had a religion, so they decided—looking back on this I can’t believe this happened—they decided to take me—when my body was six-years-old—to the Sunday Schools of churches of various religions. So I could see what they were like and choose my own religion. I did not like any of these Churches so they stopped insisting I go.

But then my father, who already had some leaning toward eastern philosophy from his aunt, suggested that we all go as a family to a Theosophical Lodge.

Theosophy is not a religion. It is wisdom that has existed since the beginning of time and is the basis of all life and all religions. It has been expressed in different ways at different times, but it is essentially the truth of life. Theosophy is a compilation of principles of life and their application that are observable as facts in nature. Each individual is given the opportunity to learn and observe for himself and become his own authority. There is no organization. Those who are part of the movement of Theosophy simply distribute information on the subject throughout the world, making it available to all.

I loved going to Theosophy Sunday School. The building was simple, the size of a house in the Arts & Crafts style on the exterior. Inside it was all one open space. The ceiling had been removed so the space soared up through the rafters. Many windows let the Sunday morning sunlight in. Windows opened to small gardens. It was completely plain, with white walls and clean wood floors, simple tables and chairs.

I felt completely at home there on Sunday mornings. Even though my body was only six years old, everyone treated me like I was an “old soul.”

I attended Sunday School where there where the truths were presented in storybook form, and then I attended the adult service with my parents where I listened to the readings from the standard scriptures. We sang hymns about the basic laws of life, which I still remember to this day.

One day during Sunday School I was given instructions to do two things and then I was asked a question*. And my answer to that question was that I was not my body and I was not my mind, but I was “something else.” And that something else that I could experience that I was was the spirit that I am. It wasn’t theoretical. I exeperienced it and when I experienced it I was aware I was experiencing it, and it was as real as the nose on my face.

That moment changed my life. I knew I was something different from what other people thought they were. And from that moment I wanted to know what that was and all about it. And that was my first step on the path of my spiritual journey.

It would be many years before I discovered that there are many characteristics and abilities that belong to spirit that I could practice and develop. Spirit is much more than becoming aware, but awareness that you are a spiritual being is the key that opens the door to a whole other realm of experience.

* I am not giving the instructions here because this is a very powerful process and I do not want anyone to have results they haven’t chosen to have. If you want to have this experience for yourself, talk with me and I will lead you through it.

Debra Redalia

DEBRA REDALIA became aware she was a spiritual being when her body was only six years old but didn't learn much about what that meant until she met soulmate Larry Redalia twenty-six years later. Together they have helped each other discover the characteristics of spirit and put them into practice in daily life. They are co-founders of Spirits Bright and the upcoming Signs of Spirit Project.


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