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Spirit is the basis of all life—from our human lives to life-as-a-whole.

Yet in our industrial-consumer world, there is very little awareness of the existence of spirit and even less knowledge of its functions in the ongoing creation and maintenance of life.

My intent for The Daily Spirit is to have a place to explore and communicate about the nature of spirit with a result of creating a world where the living functions of spirit are acknowledged, understood, honored, respected and used by everyone as a natural and normal function of everyday life.

Please feel free to comment on, question, and discuss anything you read here. Please communicate.


We have observed for ourselves that we are each an expression of one Whole Spirit, and as such we each have a right and responsibility to be self-determined about every aspect of our lives. It is about being the spirit that is our birthright and using our abilities for good in the world.

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Sunday, 26 July 2020

On Being an Outlander and Coming Home to Spirit

At the time I made the decision to write my Autobiography, Larry and I had just begun watching the teleseries “Outlander.” This is a science fiction fantasy story of an English woman who, in 1946, time travels to Scotland in 1742 and has a new life there. Because she is not of their culture, they call her “outlander” because she is from a different land, and therefore different from them in her experience, knowledge, customs, and beliefs. Nonetheless, she is accepted and loved, despite her differences.

This made such an impression on me because I have always felt out-of-place in the modern world in which I live, and afraid to be myself. Wanting to be accepted, I chose to be something other than what I am. So my Autobiography is, for me, the process of showing myself my truth in addition to finally sharing my truth with others.

When I began to write my Autobiography, within a few days I began to feel like I was finally coming home. Like I’ve been wandering around in the wilderness and I’m finally coming home. I’ve often said “I don’t belong here (in the industrial world)” and kept trying to find my way “back” somewhere. And now I feel like I’m coming home to where I’m supposed to be. But it’s not a physical place. It’s a dimension of awareness and a way of being, a truth. I got a picture in my mind of getting on a train in an old movie and waving goodbye, excited and happy to go off into a future. Not an unknown future, but a future I have been traveling to all along.

About a month later, my body became very sick with influenza A, to the point where I had to stop everything I was doing and simply lie in bed with a fever and a cough so deep and persistent I several times thought I this body would expire from lack of air. And then there were two days and two nights of continuous rain, followed by a flooding of a nearby river that happens only once every 50 years. Our nearby lagoon, which is generally a completely dry plain where we go walking, was flooded to overflowing, closing main roads in and out of town, and flooding half our downtown shopping area.

And then I saw something about my life that I hadn’t seen before.

I had been reading Autobiography of a Yogi. Just after the river crested at 46 feet above the river bed and began to recede, I reached the chapter where Yogananda comes to America and introduces yoga to the West for the first time in 1920.

And I realized that Yogananda was born into a well-established spiritual system that had been handed down for millennia in the culture in which he was born and lived. This system was so integrated into the culture, that everyone knew they were a spiritual being.

It wasn’t something they needed to learn or find or seek, the idea existed in everyday culture. People bowed to each other and said “namaste” and everyone knew that meant “I honor the spiritual being that you are.” The choice of a spiritual path to follow was well laid-out for Yogananda. It certainly required that he choose his spiritual path, discover the life that was uniquely his own, and then discipline himself to gain the abilities that were there for him to attain, but the idea itself—that one is a spiritual being and there is a life to be had based on this—was well known and accepted and admired as desirable and honorable in the society into which he was born and lived, in India at the turn of the twentieth century.

This was not so for me.

I, being born in the United States of America in 1955, had no such spiritual foundation. Neither of my parents had a religion. Neither side of my family had a religion. Each of my grandmothers later on in life chose religions of their own—my father’s mother became a Christian Scientist and my mother’s mother a Seventh Day Adventist—but that did not filter down to my immediate family.

As I write this, I am thinking of friends I have known who were born Jewish, which comes not only with a Jewish bloodline but with thousands of years of Jewish religious tradition and viewpoint. I had none of this. No spiritual foundation that bound me to family or community or church or history.

Being born in the USA, I also did not have a religion of my country. No, America has not been about bonding around a specific religion but rather was founded on the freedom to choose one’s own religion and practice it as one chooses, rather than having religion imposed upon one by Church or State. From the very beginning, my country has been about having the freedom to choose one’s religion, which resulted in a country that is a melting pot of choices, rather than a system that can be a foundation for our society.

But we are, each and every one of us, spiritual beings. Regardless of our surroundings or circumstances, sooner or later our spiritual nature will rise within us and make itself known.

When this happened for me, I knew with absolute certainty that this awareness of myself as something other than body or mind was correct.

But knowing this put me in a position of being different from everyone around me. I felt alone and isolated for most of my life like I knew something nobody else knew. I tried to forget my own realization of myself and blend into a society that was oriented toward material gain rather than spiritual enlightenment.

I felt like I was the only one who had a glimmer of something greater and wanted to find more.

But after looking back over my life and writing the story of my own journey, I realized that I haven’t been the only one at all. My spiritual journey is the journey of everyone in my generation, in this world at this time. So many of us were born without spiritual foundation. So many of us have been seeking. So many of us have been given false hopes living in a world that is just about as opposite to spiritual as you can get.

There is truth in the world. It can be observed. It can be tested. It can be applied. Each one of us has the ability to see for ourselves what works and what doesn’t work to have a happy life and sustain life on earth.

I ask not that you accept what I say and follow me. No, I share my story to say you are not alone, there is a path, there is a destination, and that it is there within you.

Everything each of us needs to know about life is right there in life, where it can be observed by anyone.

When I was a child my mother worked and my brother and I would go to a neighbor’s house after school. Mrs. Sainsbury had a number of games she would have us play to increase our mental acuity. One of them was called “Hiding in Plain Sight.” She would take an object, show it to us, and then “hide” it by placing it in plain sight, somewhere unknown to us. It was completely visible and we knew what it looked like, but it was very difficult to find.

My spiritual journey has been much like the game of “Hiding in Plain Sight.” Everything is there—you just need to increase your ability to be aware of it, to see it.

In this blog, I’ll tell you what I’ve seen, how the world looks to me. But again, I’m not asking you to follow me.

I am asking you to come to another realm of experience and observe for yourself what is here.

Debra Redalia

DEBRA REDALIA became aware she was a spiritual being when her body was only six years old but didn't learn much about what that meant until she met soulmate Larry Redalia twenty-six years later. Together they have helped each other discover the characteristics of spirit and put them into practice in daily life. They are co-founders of Spirits Bright and the upcoming Signs of Spirit Project.


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