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The Daily Spirit

Spirit is the basis of all life—from our human lives to life-as-a-whole.

Yet in our industrial-consumer world, there is very little awareness of the existence of spirit and even less knowledge of its functions in the ongoing creation and maintenance of life.

My intent for The Daily Spirit is to have a place to explore and communicate about the nature of spirit with a result of creating a world where the living functions of spirit are acknowledged, understood, honored, respected and used by everyone as a natural and normal function of everyday life.

Please feel free to comment on, question, and discuss anything you read here. Please communicate.


We have observed for ourselves that we are each an expression of one Whole Spirit, and as such we each have a right and responsibility to be self-determined about every aspect of our lives. It is about being the spirit that is our birthright and using our abilities for good in the world.

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The Oneness of Democracy

As Larry and I continue to watch the Democratic National Convention, the message last night turned to our democracy.

The question is no longer about who will be President, the question is who can best save our democracy.

I will admit that for most of this lifetime I took democracy for granted. I assumed it would always be here. But the events of the past four years and the last six months, in particular, has shown me that democracy is not permanent—it is something that needs to be continuously created every day, and continuously defended in order for it to continue to exist.

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Diversity of Spirit in the United States

…Larry and I have been watching the Democratic National Convention the past two nights and we see a lot of spirit being demonstrated. One of the things about spirit that is interesting to me is that it manages to come forth whether individuals are aware of it or not. What I’ve noticed in my own life is that when one becomes aware of spirit and oneself as a spiritual being, then we have control over spirit and can direct its benefits as we choose.

At the DNC I’ve been observing a very strong intent to set things right in America, to bring people together, and to include everyone. There is an intent to focus on what we have in common rather than our differences. I’ve been feeling part of a huge agreement to safeguard, protect, and restore our democracy and know without a doubt that will happen.

There is one thing I want to mention, however, since this blog is about spirit.

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Chaos and Order

I’m thinking that all of you reading this have noticed that things are more than a little chaotic in the USA these days. The chaos has been going on for months and it seems like every day things get even more chaotic.

So I want to tell you that what brings order in the world is spirit, and each of us can start bringing order to the mass chaos right in our own lives.

That spirit brings order is observable.

Try this.

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Moving My Body With Awareness and Intent

Since I broke my left kneecap—now four weeks ago—I have been becoming more and more aware of my body in different ways.tion

Because I cannot use my left leg to stand on and can’t bend my left knee, I have had to find other ways to move my body around.

Instead of moving randomly and without intention or awareness, I now am moving my body intentionally.

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The Importance of Quiet

Quiet is the absence of noise or bustle—silence, calm, stillness.

It’s like a room that exists as space, but there is no motion. Space, but nothing going on in it.

As I lie here in bed healing my broken kneecap day after day I am becoming more and more aware of quiet.

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Invisible Chocolate Covered Cherries

It was 28 July 2017, our thirtieth anniversary together. We had decided to have a ceremony that day to proclaim ourselves as “soulmates” and then we drove to a lovely hotel in Orlando from our home near Tampa, Florida, and the following day we went to the Kenndey Space Center (NASA) in Cape Canaveral.

On our “soulmate night” we were at the hotel, lying in bed talking. We hadn’t had any dessert after dinner, but customarily we eat fruit in the evening. And most recently we had been eating cherries every night.

“Would you like some cherries?” I asked

“Yes,” Larry replied, “but there aren’t any here.”

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Founding Fathers Demonstrate Spirit

Daily schedule page of founding father Benjamin Franklin.

This morning I was reading a book that had a picture of a daily schedule sheet created and used by Benjamin Franklin back in the 1700s.

There are two columns.

The right hand column lists the hours and activities.

But the left hand column—the first column—has two questions.

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Doing the Right Thing

For the past couple of weeks, the subject of right and wrong has been in my awareness, as I have been watching all the covid-19 relief programs expire with no new programs being offered by our government. And I’ve been watching our President attempting to interfere with our upcoming election and other off-the-wall activities going on.

I’ve been wondering, whatever happened to “doing the right thing”?

In fact, each of us has a built-in moral compass called the “conscience.” In the past there was a well-known saying “Let your conscience be your guide.” But what is the conscience and how can it help us determine what is right and what is wrong?

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New Hope for American Democracy

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Yesterday my spirits were lifted when presidential candidate Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate.

While the news media is making a big deal about her skin color, I am happy because our country needs her ethics and ability. She has a proven record of standing up for the people and fighting for what’s right in difficult situations.

Here are some excerpts in her own words of what she is about. These are all statements that demonstrate spiritual qualities.

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Debra Redalia

DEBRA REDALIA became aware she was a spiritual being when her body was only six years old but didn't learn much about what that meant until she met soulmate Larry Redalia twenty-six years later. Together they have helped each other discover the characteristics of spirit and put them into practice in daily life. They are co-founders of Spirits Bright and the upcoming Signs of Spirit Project.


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