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Our work is different from most other spiritual offerings because we are aware, able, and experienced spiritual beings, living in bodies on Earth. We are not bodies looking for our spirits. We are spirits who bring life to our bodies and environments in which they live.

Our purpose is
to restore and cultivate the spiritual qualities
that are inhernet in every human being,
so these qualities can be used by the individual
to better their own lives and the world.

To this end, we are here to empower you to achieve six things:

  • self-awareness as a spiritual being
  • a spirit viewpoint
  • the correct relationship of spirit-mind-body
  • self-determination in all aspects of your life
  • mastery of various aspects of spirit as described in Signs of Spirit
  • expression of your own unique authentic self

The methods we will use with you are simple and straightforward. They are the same methods we use with each other in our own lives as we continue to expand our spirit awareness and abilities. We developed these methods ourselves after years of attempting to use established methods that did not work. There is no meditation involved and all explanations and instructions are given in plain English.

We can guide you through step-by-step programs, or you can begin by asking us to help you solve a problem using our spirit viewpoint. We can also help you sort out any confusions or misunderstandings you may have about spirituality or religion.

Rather than seeing clients as problems to be solved, we see everyone as the able spirits they could be, and indeed, already inherently are. All spirit awareness and ability already exist and cannot be damaged or taken away from you. It is simply covered and needs to be revealed.

Along our journey with you, things may come up that need to be addressed and resolved. We can help you through those times. We have walked this path ourselves and have successfully helped each other along the way. We can help you too. We know how this goes and that it is possible to get through…well, we want to say anything…let us say instead that we have been able to get through all obstacles presented so far that have blocked our spiritual path and some have been very difficult. Yet here we are on the other side.

We can work with you in many ways, starting with a hotline phone call.

You may choose to work with either Debra or Larry or both. At times, whoever you are working with may suggest you work with the other to partake of their experience and insight.

You may work with us as an individual, with another you have a relationship with, or with a group you are involved in.

Consulting with Debra about spirit has been fruitful and fun! Her fresh, original perspective sheds new light and life on my spiritual practice of 30 years, giving me clearer, more enlivened eyes. She has a way of taking eternal truths I have heard before and distilling them in to simple language I can understand and apply in my life. Through her focus on direct experience and personal sovereignty, I’ve learned empowering insights I had never before encountered. And she helped me get unstuck in areas where I was for decades making slow progress. In my experience, creativity and love run joyfully through what Debra does. I’m excited to continue working with her and the wonderful spiritual chemistry that has come into our conversations. 


We welcome
regardless of
country of origin
sexual orientation

Debra Redalia
has been a consultant on health and environmental issues for more than 40 years. Previously known as Debra Lynn Dadd], she has worked with individuals and businesses on such diverse subjects as finding nontoxic products to new product development, website design, and even starting new businesses. Clients often love Debra for her personal understanding as well as her knowledge. And she has been Larry’s personal spiritual support for more than 32 years.

Larry Redalia
is one of the kindest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Everyone loves Larry. He instantly relates to you as the spirit you are, even if you aren’t yet aware of yourself. The most important thing in the world to him is to live as a spirit and help others do the same and is deeply committed to overcoming barriers to leading a spiritual life. And he has been Debra’s personal spiritual support for more than 32 years.

Learn more about Debra & Larry on the About page and the Soulmates page.

Each time I meet with Debra and Larry I am uplifted!


You may work with us as consultants, coaches, mentors, or just call us with an occasional “hotline” question…whatever you need.

We suggest starting with a “hotline” phone call and then purchase a package of hours to get discounted rates if you want to continue.



for 15 minutes (minimum) then $3 per minute

Pacific Time



8% discount

Must be used within
2 months of purchase



17% discount

Must be used within
4 months of purchase

Believing you are a spirit is not the same as knowing you are a spirit and having the ability to use your spirit abilities in daily life. Cooking from a recipe is not the same as understanding foods and preparing them into a delicious meal yourself. You can tell that you know something by being able to demonstrate you can do it. We can help you do it using deep understanding and practice.

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary and cannot be predicted in advance, as each person is unique. You are responsible for your own results. As the old saying goes, we can lead you to water, but we can’t make you drink. What you are purchasing from us is our time, attention, experiance and information. What you do with it is self-determined by you.

Debra and Larry are available to speak and give workshops to your group or business. The presentation will be designed to meet your needs. Contact Debra and Larry for more information. Both have received advanced Toastmaster training.

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