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Since 2005 we have been helping each other become more aware and able as spiritual beings by using a simple method that just became obvious to us one day:
* identify characteristics of spirit
* help each other understand what these characteristics are and how to apply them in life
* intend to use and express these characteristics in daily life
* acknowledge these characteristics in ourselves and others as we observe them.
We began to share this with the world through writing stories about these characteristics in our Signs of Spirit stories.
Then more recently we began to identify the characteristics, define them, and link stories about each characteristic to it’s definition in The Signs of Spirit project.
We also are available to work one-on-one with you in this same way to help you “find yourself” as a spiritual being and create your own life as an expression of the spirit you inherently are.
Debra has been working with one client, to verify this method can work with others. Now we know, not only does it work, it works beautifully!
Dear Debra,
Today’s conversation has been a great experience. Of the many things I could say, I’ll just mention something you didn’t say, but simply did.
When I began (encouraged by you) to mention the good things that had happened, you slowed down, and took time to give them attention, recognition and celebration. I gratefully noticed you do that, and at the same I couldn’t help wanting to move on to talk about the difficult sad stuff.
Your action has been reverberating for me all day. Why am I so desperate to focus on and fix the bad stuff? I need and want to give a lot more energy and joyful celebration to every step forward, even if it’s short lived.
Talking with you, I realized those brief moments are revelations of a plant that’s growing more alive every day, a plant (me myself) that receives the full sun even if I’m not aware of it, and is letting me know that I’m growing.
And as you did say...”what am I intending?”....I am now choosing to intend to give lots of attention and energy to those moments showing me I’m continuously a new, alive, and evolving person (as you said). I will give more and more power to those moments until they eclipse the longer, but old repetitive (thus dead) bad moments.
Thank you!
It’s a law of Life that we get what we put our attention on. When we put our attention on the goodness of spirit, that is what we become.
This is not about religion. It is simply about becoming aware of abilities that are lying dormant within each one of us. They are there but not acknowledged or encouraged in our industrialized world. Spirit is the source of love, creativity, healing, power, and much more.
Call us for an initial chat so we can get to know each other and see if this method could work for you.

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Debra Redalia
has been a consultant on health and environmental issues for more than 40 years. Previously known as Debra Lynn Dadd, she has worked with individuals and businesses on such diverse subjects as finding nontoxic products to new product development, website design, and even starting new businesses. Clients often love Debra for her personal understanding as well as her knowledge. And she has been Larry’s personal spiritual support for more than 32 years.

Larry Redalia
is one of the kindest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Everyone loves Larry. He instantly relates to you as the spirit you are, even if you aren’t yet aware of yourself. The most important thing in the world to him is to live as a spirit and help others do the same and is deeply committed to overcoming barriers to leading a spiritual life. And he has been Debra’s personal spiritual support for more than 32 years.

Learn more about Debra & Larry on the About page and the Soulmates page.

Each time I meet with Debra and Larry I am uplifted!

Believing you are a spirit is not the same as knowing you are a spirit and having the ability to use your spirit abilities in daily life. Cooking from a recipe is not the same as understanding foods and preparing them into a delicious meal yourself. You can tell that you know something by being able to demonstrate you can do it. We can help you do it using deep understanding and practice.

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary and cannot be predicted in advance, as each person is unique. You are responsible for your own results. As the old saying goes, we can lead you to water, but we can’t make you drink. What you are purchasing from us is our time, attention, experiance and information. What you do with it is self-determined by you.

Debra and Larry are available to speak and give workshops to your group or business. The presentation will be designed to meet your needs. Contact Debra and Larry for more information. Both have received advanced Toastmaster training.

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