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Spirit is the Source of All Life

Spirit Being

We wrote this poem in 1999, to pass the time as we were driving from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. In 2005 we gave away a number of copies for free on postcards and since have heard numerous stories of how those who have read it have been helped. We are still pleasantly surprised when we suddenly find one of these postcards on a builletin board or refrigerator door where we least expect it.

I know that I am not my hair
Cause when I cut it, I’m still there.

I know that I am not my name
Cause if I change it, I’m still the same.

I know that I am not my ear
Cause if I pierce it, I’m still here.

I know that I am not my knee
Cause if I scrape it, I’m still me.

I know that I am not my eyes
Cause when I close them, I’m still wise.

I know that I am not my thought
Cause I’m still me, if I think or not!

I’m a spirit being, I tell you true—
I am a spirit being, and so are you.


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For more than thirty years we have been helping each other discover and practice our everyday spirituality.

We offer our support to you in your spiritual journey as well.

We can help you:

  • become aware as a spiritual being
  • introduce you to the realm of spirit
  • discover and use your spirit abilities
  • improve relationships and find a soulmate
  • use spiritual methods to solve problems
  • achieve your goals in life



In 2017, for our 30th anniversary, we held a ceremony to commit to each other as soulmates.


We have included a website on the subject of spirit here in The Lifely Group because Spirit is the source of all Life. We can’t really explore Life without exploring the spiritual aspect that makes physical matter alive. This is a biological, observable fact of Life.

As a society, we today live in a world that is dominated by the philosophy of materialism. It holds the following to be true:

  • physical matter is the fundamental substance in nature
  • It is the only reality and all other phenomena—such as thoughts and feelings of mind and spiritual experiences—can be explained as manifestations of matter
  • the highest values or objectives lie in material well-being and the furthering of material progress
  • our physical well-being and attainment of worldly possessions, material wealth, and physical comfort are the greatest good, of highest value, and have the highest priority in life.

Industrial culture is a manifestation of centuries of materialistic viewpoint.

There is no spirit in the philosophy of materialism. Any seeking for spirit is based in faith that spirit exists somewhere else. We humans and our world are made up of matter and that’s that.

But in fact, spirit is present here and now in our world and in our human life.

Spirit is that which makes our human bodies and all Life alive. It is the source of creation and love and all qualities considered good. It is awareness itself.

Spirit is indeed the very essence of Life and Life cannot exist without it. It is spirit that designs and runs what we perceive as physical life.

Our experience and observation have been that when we become aware of ourselves as the spiritual beings we are, a whole new set of abilities open up to us that results in perceiving and acting in the physical world in a way that continuously renews life. We know the right things to do and feel compelled to do them because we are connected with Life at the very source.

Spirituality is as natural to our human experience as breathing. We just are not aware of it in our material world.

Early religions were designed to help humans have ecstatic experiences that separate spirits from their bodies. Or to plea to gods for favors.

Today our next evolution for Homo sapiens is to become aware of our own spiritual nature and live from that transcendent awareness in our human bodies in daily life—to be a conscious, intentional unity of spirit and matter, which is the very nature of Life itself.

Spirit is inherently in every life form, including every human being. It lies dormant in our materialistic society but can be awakened in each and every one of us.

All the problems of the world are a result of a lack of spirit.

From our viewpoint, the most important thing we can do right now is to bring spirit back to Life.

It is our natural state as human beings to live using all our faculties—body, mind, and spirit. Only when we live with all three are we whole human beings, as Life intends for our own species.

When we become aware of ourselves as spiritual beings, we have a center from which to live as our own selves. We can observe the world for ourselves, know what is right, make our own decisions, form our own relationships. We can be self-determined about our own lives from our own core, living our own values and our own truth.

We are currently in the process of writing a book on how to restore your native spiritual awareness and integrate with your mind and body to be a whole human. Please add your name to our mailing list above to be notified when the book becomes available.

In the meantime, we are happy to work one-oin-one with you as consultants to awaken your inherent spirituality and explore how you can use your spirit abilities in daily life.