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Is the Beginning of Everything

Spirit Being

We wrote this poem in 1999, to pass the time as we were driving from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. In 2005 we gave away a number of copies for free on postcards and since have heard numerous stories of how those who have read it have been helped. We are still pleasantly surprised when we suddenly find one of these postcards on a builletin board or refrigerator door where we least expect it.

I know that I am not my hair
Cause when I cut it, I’m still there.

I know that I am not my name
Cause if I change it, I’m still the same.

I know that I am not my ear
Cause if I pierce it, I’m still here.

I know that I am not my knee
Cause if I scrape it, I’m still me.

I know that I am not my eyes
Cause when I close them, I’m still wise.

I know that I am not my thought
Cause I’m still me, if I think or not!

I’m a spirit being, I tell you true—
I am a spirit being, and so are you.


We are Debra and Larry Redalia, lifepartners and soulmates.

In 2005 our lives took a dramatic turn for the better after we asked ourselves a simple question:

If we are beings of spirit, what IS spirit?

As we began to observe spirit we were astounded at what we found. It was not what we expected.

We began to see "signs of spirit" all around, every day. We began to realize that the spirit is that which is good in everyone. It is that which feels and expresses love, kindness, and caring. It is the source of creativity, art, and beauty. It is that which restores health and renews life. It is our intuition that can know things beyond physical facts. It is that which is powerful, strong, and able to move mountains in order to do good in the world and the courage to reach out and set things aright. It is what we really are.

Once we began to observe the characteristics of spirit and practice them in our own lives, everything about life began to make sense. So we want to share what we know with you.

Since everything that happens in our lives and in the world begins with spirit, shouldn't we know and be able to use our native spirit abilities?

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Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows.